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Single-Visit Crowns

Single-Visit Crowns in Dayton, TN

Modern technology has allowed many dental offices to offer the benefits of same-day treatment when restoring the smile.  Our dentists use CEREC®, a computer-aided design and milling system, to provide several restorations in one visit.

VanMeter Williams Dentistry provides CEREC® same-day crowns in Dayton. We help you rebuild your smile without an unnecessarily long waiting period.

Effective Restorations

Crowns rebuild the structural health of the teeth they cover. If a restoration fails to keep the tooth strong and healthy, our dentists will not use it to rebuild your smile.

CEREC’s designing and crafting tools help our dentists in Dayton provide effective restorations. First, the design tools in CEREC allow Drs. VanMeter and Williams to develop precise dimensions for each patient’s crown. Our dentists can make sure your new crown blends into your smile. Second, CEREC makes crowns out of porcelain, a ceramic material that keeps treated teeth strong for a long time. CEREC also mills the restoration out of a single porcelain block to further ensure its long-term success.

Beautiful Restorations

Unlike the metal used in dentistry, porcelain is more than tough; it is beautiful. There is a general link between how closely a person’s appearance, including their smile, matches their ideal personal image and how confidently they move through life. Ideal dental care keeps the smile healthy without sacrificing its good-looking nature.

With CEREC, we make sure your teeth stay healthy and aesthetically pleasing at all times.

Convenient Restorations

The fact that CEREC makes crowns quickly should not be undervalued. This benefit is not found in standard restorative dentistry.

Traditional crown fabrication requires the involvement of an external dental laboratory. A dentist sends the impressions to the lab, taking two weeks to send the final crown back to the dentist. During this time, a patient wears a temporary crown that some find uncomfortable.

With CEREC, you receive a crown in the same appointment tooth decay is diagnosed. Patients do not have to wait for treatment nor wear an uncomfortable temporary. Our goal is for patients to walk in with a cavity and leave with a completely healthy smile.

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VanMeter Williams Dentistry offers CEREC crowns in Dayton. Families from our local and surrounding communities can have their teeth treated in one appointment. For more information about our approach to restorative dental care, call us and schedule an appointment today.

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