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Cleanings & Prevention

Cleanings and Periodontal Care

Gingivitis and gum disease are common dental issues that can be easily treated with diligent care. Our dental practice ensures the health and beauty of your smile by providing periodontal maintenance in Dayton, TN.

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Eliminate Gingivitis and Advanced Periodontitis

Routine visits to the dentist help to maintain plaque and tartar buildup. However, neglecting to visit the dentist at least once every six months can greatly contribute to the progression of bacteria, plaque, and tartar leading to gingivitis and advanced gum disease.

At its earliest stage, gingivitis can appear as bleeding while flossing and pain or tenderness around teeth. As it develops, advanced periodontitis creates pockets between teeth and gums where pathogens can enter the bloodstream. Patients may experience loosened teeth, redness, inflammation, and regular bleeding. Additionally, access to the inner blood vessels of the tooth makes it easy for bacteria to affect other areas of the body, contributing to issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

If left untreated, advanced gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss. Patients that undergo treatment as soon as possible have greater chances of eliminating disease-causing tartar and sanitizing the oral environment to encourage recovery.

Treatment for Periodontal Disease in Dayton

Scaling and root planing procedure is the predominant means of treating gum disease. The first portion of this treatment involves removing tartar build up from below the gum line. This eliminates bacteria causing gum disease and provides a clean environment for the smile. Root planing involves smoothing away ridges and bumps that bacteria can be apt to stick to, making it difficult for gingivitis to occur once more.

After treatment, a period of healing allows for gums the opportunity to reattach and for oral health to return to normal.

Our knowledgeable hygienist is well experienced in administering periodontal care while maintaining a gentle approach. Patients feel comforted at our office and welcome treatment to improve their oral health.

Open discussion during procedures lets us know how treatment is going. Comfort is among our top priorities, alongside improving your oral health—we want patients to feel at ease and comfort throughout their visits with VanMeter Williams Dentistry.

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Periodontal treatment and maintenance protect your smile against gingivitis and advanced periodontitis, helping you preserve your smile throughout your lifetime. Our practice is committed to helping patients maintain their best oral health by providing state-of-the-art dental care. Call our practice and schedule an appointment today!

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