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Dental Implants in Dayton

One or more missing teeth cause several issues like difficulty chewing or speaking comfortably. Dentures and bridges work adequately to restore minor function but do not address the health aspects. Dental implants are a complete replacement for entire teeth, from root to crown.

VanMeter Williams Dentistry offers dental implants in Dayton, TN. Call our practice and schedule a consultation with Drs. Dennis VanMeter and Hubbell Williams to find out if dental implant treatment is right for you.

Replace Missing Teeth Permanently

A complete smile affords several benefits we often take for granted. When one or several teeth are missing, it complicates function and overall health. Even with dentures, the jaw begins to atrophy, and the face takes on a prematurely aged appearance.

To combat these issues, titanium implants are placed directly into the jaw where the tooth’s root once occupied. The biocompatible material fuses with the jawbone and generates strength evenly, securing prosthetics in place while supporting surrounding structures. Patients not only benefit from restored functions like eating and speaking, their dental health returns to the best shape it can be.

Implant Restorations in Dayton, TN

Drs. VanMeter and Williams restore place dental implants at our Dayton dental office. Once a trusted local specialist has placed your new set of implant posts, patients return to our office after a period of healing to receive their restoration. These are versatile in their application, able to replace teeth in a variety of situations:

Single-unit implants restore a single tooth at any point in the smile. As an alternative to a traditional bridge, this procedure replaces one tooth using a single dental implant that serves as the new root. This procedure preserves the strength of the jawbone and the alignment of surrounding teeth.

Implant-supported bridges replace a set of missing teeth in a quadrant or row. Using two to three implants, prosthetic bridges offer patients restored dental function and appearance.

Implant-supported dentures work for both upper and lower arches. Able to provide stability to your bite, our dentists can retrofit old dentures to be attached to the new implants.

Cleaning and maintaining your implants is especially important, as these can extend the longevity of both the implants and their prosthetics. Patients are required to brush and floss normally, as well as visit the dentist once every six months to have the implants professionally cleaned.

Find Out More

Dr. Dennis VanMeter and Dr. Hubbell Williams are committed to helping patients achieve a well-functioning, beautiful smile. Schedule an appointment with our team to go over your eligibility and learn how dental implants can improve your bite. We offer implant restoration in Dayton and to all surrounding communities in Rhea County.

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